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This is an archived project

jigl was written in the early 2000's and is no longer maintianed.

This page is being left up as an archive for those who may still have interest.
Thanks to everyone who helped with this project!


Jigl performance enhancements

Are you getting Skipping invalid image file: errors?

This is a very simple fix that will be in the next release. However, if you're in a jam here is the fix:

The problem is that the "-ping" option was removed from ImageMagick's "identify" command, and jigl was using that option.
Sorry for the inconvenience!
Happy New Year everyone. There is a new theme for you to play with. L. Nobre G. Has sent in a black theme. He says it looks best with the -nosxy and -noskb options.
Download it, or check out his examples.
Hey everyone. No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, tho I know it seems like it. This past year has been very busy and I haven't had much time to work on jigl. Recently I've been finishing up some other projects which should free up some time to release a new version of jigl. My plan is to get something out by the holidays.

Although I haven't been actively working on jigl, I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do with it. It looks like movie support is going to have to wait until v3.0 because it's going to require a revamped gallery.dat file to be properly supported. I haven't defined the exact format of the new file yet, tho it's likely going to be XML-like which should make future upgrades easier and more seamless. I'll also make a tool available for converting old (v1.x and v2.x) gallery.dat files to the new format.

What I do expect in the next and probably last 2.x release will be a few new features. Better option handeling internally and a new theme or two. A friend of mine is working on a Polaroid-like theme which looks sweet. It's similar to my white theme, only better. You can check out an example in the gallery section of this page.

New Email! The email address I had been using for this page hasn't worked in a number of months. If you tried to contact me recently and didn't get a response, that's why. I apologize that I didn't update this page sooner with the new email. Feel free to contact me at the new address (at the top of the page) tho.

Jovotek theme was posted.

Happy New Year! Work on the next version of jigl has begun.
I have gotten some nice feed back from users about jigl 2.0.1, thanks to those who have written!
I will be posting a list of the feature I'll be working on for the next relase soon. One of the big features will be movie indexing!

jigl 2.0.1 released. Read the ChangeLog.

New jigl webpage design.

jigl v2.0 is out. 'Bout damn time!

Check out an example of theme support! I threw together this theme as a proof of concept.

Yay! After much more time than expected, 2.0 is feature complete! It's in the bug testing phase at the moment. Unfortunately I won't be around this coming weekend to release it, but I expect a release early next week. Here are a list of the major changes.

2.0 is in the wings - almost. I haven't been able to work on jigl for a few weeks now. I've been too busy at work and have taken some last minute vacations (away from home) to keep HR from capping me at my vacation limit. As the subject says, enough has changed in jigl that this will be the first 2.x release. I may make a patch to the 1.1 release with one or two important fixes, but for the most part the 1.x series is dead. Make way for 2.0!

CVS is back on line. Still working on the new server. Hopefully soon. Still working out some details about how the themes should be implemented. It's coming along tho.

CVS is down for the time being which means I can't commit changes for the up coming version. Xome is getting installed on a new server in the coming week. Hopefully cvs will work after that. Once the new server is up I'll be releasing the new version of jigl! Thanks for your patience, I hope the new version is worth the wait.

jigl was mentioned in the August, 2003 edition of Linux Journal. Yay!

A new version of jigl is in the works. Check out the todo list in the Download section for a list of what's coming. I hope to have it out by the end of July or early August. Stay tuned!

After the new version of jigl comes out, I'm planning on redesigning the site to make it cleaner and easier to use. This site was sort of thrown together just to get something out there.